Other security measurements you need to protect your wow account and wow gold

Whenever you’re using your computer and go to the internet, there are some data/information that are being sent over the internet. However, these information that are being sent over are the registration and other information that are mention on their privacy policy. But there are certain times when there are unnecessary information that are being “stolen” from your computer because of lack of security. Games such as world of warcraft was targeted last week by a fake curse client and stealing their wow gold.

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How to increase your computer’s security and protect your wow gold

There are other things that you need to check on your computer aside from having a antivirus installed on your computer. Whenever you go to different websites your browser downloads cookies and other information from the web you visited. Since last week, there has been an issue that some wow account got stolen because of using/downloading/installing a fake curse client from a fake mirror site. Their wow gold has been stolen and other account information that was stored on their computer.

Here is a check list on how to protect your wow gold computer from hackers.

Install antivirus and antispyware programs from a trusted source

Update software regularly

Use strong passwords and keep them secret

Never turn off your firewall

Use flash drives cautiously

Don’t be tricked into downloading malware

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