New Pet on sale to benefit Make-a-wish foundation since wow gold can’t be donated

WoW gold beneficial and will help the victim of Typhoon Hayain in buying pet

Alterac Brew Puppet is on sale for 10$; Blizzard is conducting this pet sale for the Make-a-wish program and the half of the sale which is 5$ will go to the foundation for donation.  Blizzard will be donating the collected profit to American Red Cross; this foundation will also help Philippines who recently experienced typhoon. Though this pet will cost you 10$ it will give you wow gold benefit for it.

Enchanted Fey Dragon mount on the other hand is being sell for 25$, any profit from it however won’t be donated. Check for the wow gold attributes on the World of Warcraft Official site.


After dungeon run, player auctions house should be your next stop for wow gold sell

As this blog mentioned some tips for dungeon run, your next stop should be the player auctions house. By going to the player auctions house, it doesn’t mean that you’ll be buying there; YOU SHOULD NOT BUY from the player auctions house as it’s like a way of wasting your wow gold in it. So what you will do in the AH is that you’ll be selling all the items that you looted from the dungeon.


What to sell?

The things that the players are spending on no matter what the wow gold price are the equipment and craft materials.


Correct wow gold price to set for your item?
Your price should be NOT too LOW or not too HIGH compare to the based wow gold price or the average price within the player auctions house.

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