New expansion not yet released and next expansion on the works with more wow gold features

The latest expansion date was not yet revealed, and yet they are already working on the next expansion pack that will benefits more wow gold for us…

Warlord of Draenor offers many wow gold benefits… how about the upcoming one?

Since it’s been a while since blizzard released their MIST OF PANDARIA expansion, for the past few months world of Warcraft was on the downside of having fallen subscribers. But in the past 3months they only lost 100k players compare to month of July. Because of the vast decrease of subscribers, many realms’ wow gold economy went down too that lead to connected realms.


As the expansion will arrive [Warlord of Draenor] blizzard encloses that they are working on for the new expansion to make the wow players more engage with the game. Blizzard claims that while wow players are playing on the new expansion WARLORD OF DRAENOR, the upcoming wow gold features will be based on the latest expansion.

New expansions are coming to catch the gamers’ heart again… bringing back your passion on enjoying wow gold experience…

Blizzard is trying to release new expansion faster and more enjoyable wow gold features

Last BlizzCon 2013, Blizzard confirmed that the hype on “Warlords of Draenor” is World of Warcraft’s the upcoming expansion. However, the said expansion’s date is still to be announced. While, several teasers and other previews on Warlords of Draenor are roaming around the internet that will wow gold exciting for all, Blizzard claims that they are working on another expansion next to this one.


Based on several previews that are roaming around the internet, here are some of the things that we can wait for:

New World: Draenor

Build and upgrade your Garrison

New Character Model

Level Cap raised to 100

New dungeons and raids

New monsters

New world pvp zone

New items and rewards

Hundreds of new quests

Boost to 90 and play immediately

Expansions… expansions… sure it’s a way to keep the game relevant and make a more exciting wow gold experience…

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