Need income for holiday sale? Start making wow gold and see what’s next

wow gold farming

How and where to get money for holiday with wow gold

If you don’t job or any source of income due to being a student then this guide will help you to make money for your holiday shopping out of playing world of Warcraft. Wow gold, Power leveling, wow items or wow account is your choices for your income.


Unlike Diablo III, they have their own player auctions house that is also linked to your PayPal account. For World of Warcraft, the player auctions house is only for making wow gold and not real money. In reality, doing a real money trade is very visible since the 90’s. Making money from playing World of Warcraft can’t be considered as legal or against their policy since it’s not written on their terms of use.


When engaging with real money trade, security is always the first concern of the people who are trying to make money from wow gold and other in-game related things. PlayerAuctions and other marketplace for trading can be trusted for your transactions.


Power level other’s character and have someone to continue your wow gold activity

Power leveling is most likely visible to guild-mates and real life friends. A power leveling is composed of many things to do, wow gold farming for other people, reaching a certain level, finishing quest for someone and a lot more.


When you’re doing a power level service for other people, you’re unable to play your own character and having your wow gold activity pause. In this case, you may consider asking someone to play your character on your behalf. Sitting him besides you would be preferably as you will be able to monitor his activity on your character. Gathering can be your best choice whenever someone is “piloting” your character.

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