Molten Core Guide For Seasoned Wow Gold Hunters Part 9

Acknowledged as the pinnacle of raiding achievement, the Molten Core enticed WoW gold hunters to enter the instance in the search of challenges, treasures, and glory. The Molten Core is a Level 60 raid dungeon located within the heart of Blackrock Mountain, home to Ragnaros the Firelord. It was one of two forty-player raid dungeons available upon release of World of Warcraft, with the other being Onyxia’s Lair. Read the article below for the guide.

wow gold gehennas

Molten Core Bosses for Seasoned WoW Gold Hunters

Gehennas comes with two adds, just like Lucifron’s.  You basically do the same thing you did here. Deal with the adds with the offtanks and hunters as before.  Pull the adds back around the corner toward the entrance, and pull Gehennas back in the direction where he is facing. Most of the raid should start back by where the adds are going to be pulled.

Surviving Gehennas for WoW Gold Hunters

Note that Gehennas’ main source of DPS is randomly targeted; any one of the WoW gold hunters in your raid can be hit: one is a 2000 or so damage called Shadowbolt, and the other is Rain of Fire for several hundred damage once cast.  You can’t do anything about the former, but you can and should run out of Rain of Fire if it’s going to hit you to ensure your survival.

His other ability is a curse which reduces all healing effects by 75%.  You should assign a mage solely to decursing the MT, and all mages / druids should be decursing as well. Have the healers divided the same way you did for Lucifron: 3 – 4 on each tank, the rest spot-healing what’s left of the raid. As an alternative positioning, clear the trash all the way around Gehennas, then position everyone but the MT, his healers, and the designated decurser behind the large pillar down the hill from Gehennas, and pull the adds around the pillar and pull Gehennas in the same place in the middle of the clearing.

Wrapping Up for WoW Gold Hunters

The advantage of this is that most of the raid will be out of line of sight of Gehennas, and therefore will not be targetable by any of his abilities.  Rest of the strategy is the same, though – be prepared when you buy WoW gold before heading off to battle, and then do the same as with the bosses before. That’s it for strategy: kill adds, then kill Gehennas.  Rain of Fire can make this encounter challenging, though. Gehennas also drops tier 1 set boots and gloves, which you can either keep for yourself or trade for WoW gold.

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