Molten Core Guide For Seasoned Wow Gold Hunters Part 8

Acknowledged as the pinnacle of raiding achievement, the Molten Core enticed WoW gold hunters to enter the instance in the search of challenges, treasures, and glory. The Molten Core is a Level 60 raid dungeon located within the heart of Blackrock Mountain, home to Ragnaros the Firelord. It was one of two forty-player raid dungeons available upon release of World of Warcraft, with the other being Onyxia’s Lair. Read the article below for the guide.

wow gold magmadar boss

Molten Core Bosses for Seasoned WoW Gold Hunters

One important thing before you head off to face the great Magmadar is that you have to have at least two hunters with Tranquilizing Shot – or else, it will only end in death, disappointment, and a waste of WoW gold (and trust us, it won’t come for just cheap WoW gold). If you have 2 or preferably more, continue onward.

Magmadar should be fought in the center of the big circular room where he stands.  Face him south, toward where Lucifron was. The melee DPS should be behind him, and the ranged DPS can be anywhere as long as far away as possible from him. Another thing about Magmadar is that he frenzies.  You’ll see the emote “Magmadar goes into a killing frenzy”, at which point, his DPS goes way up until someone fires a Tranq Shot at him.

Basically, you get the point that this fight depends on all the hunters. Every hunter with Tranq Shot should be in a rotation, since it’s on a cooldown. Each hunter should have two macros. On his turn, he fires his Tranq Shot and tells the next person in the rotation either to fire theirs immediately (in case it missed), or just that they’re next (if it hit).  Obviously missing is bad, so +% to hit gear when you buy WoW gold is definitely good.  Ideally, you’d have 8 – 9% to hit. If you have 4 – 5 hunters with the skill, consider pairing them off and having them both fire simultaneously.

Surviving Magmadar for WoW Gold Hunters

Other than frenzy, Magmadar has a couple of abilities that could be quite problematic once they come in combos. The first is that he fires blobs of lava which continue to burn after they land.  If one appears near you, make sure to move out of the way.  The second is an AE fear.  In case you don’t know it yet, this will inevitably make you run into a lava blob, which can lead you ultimately to your demise. Unless you have done the necessary preparations pre-battle and packed up on some bandages, which should’ve cost you just cheap WoW gold.

Remember that there are two groups of people who should never get feared: the main tank, and his healers.  Magmadar’s fear is on a 30 second timer. If you’re the MT, it’s your job to switch momentarily into Berserker Stance, pop Berserker Rage, then go back to Defensive, thus absorbing the fear.  Alliance groups also have the luxury of using Fear Ward if you have dwarf priests.  The important thing is that the MT never get feared, and therefore that Magmadar never move.  If he moves, it puts the healers out of position and probably in fear range.

Defeating the Boss for WoW Gold Hunters

The MT’s healers should also never get feared, so long as they stand at the maximum healing range, and so long as the MT is always standing directly between them and Magmadar.  To find the max healing range, start out of range, then slowly walk forward until your heal buttons just light up.  Alternatively, you can also start in range and back up until you’re not, then move slightly forward.  Most of the healing should be on the MT, with a few people scattered around to heal the rest of the raid when they get feared through lava spits.

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