Molten Core Guide For Seasoned Wow Gold Hunters Part 7

Acknowledged as the pinnacle of raiding achievement, the Molten Core enticed WoW gold hunters to enter the instance in the search of challenges, treasures, and glory. The Molten Core is a Level 60 raid dungeon located within the heart of Blackrock Mountain, home to Ragnaros the Firelord. It was one of two forty-player raid dungeons available upon release of World of Warcraft, with the other being Onyxia’s Lair. Read the article below for the guide.

wow gold lucifron

Molten Core Bosses for Seasoned WoW Gold Hunters

Lucifron is the first boss in the Molten Core, and the first big test to WoW gold hunters who’ve just engaged in this dirty business we call raiding.  As with every other Molten Core bosses, he has adds. Assign a tank on each one, and a hunter to each warrior to pull to them. Meanwhile, position the raid back in the back of the cavern.  Everyone should stay far away from the entrance to the imp cave, because if you stray too close you will probably aggro the imps and wipe the raid.  Pull the two adds back to the back of the cavern, and Lucifron near the big rock on the east side of the cavern.

Countering Lucifron for Seasoned WoW Gold Hunters

The main trick to Lucifron is dispelling, so make sure your healers are veterans at this, or at least every member on the party should have dispel items or resistance items when they buy WoW gold. This is mainly because Lucifron has three main abilities that you should know how to handle:

  • LUCIFRON’S CURSE: This is an AE curse which doubles all ability costs. This needs to be removed IMMEDIATELY on the healers, for fairly obvious reasons.
  • IMPENDING DOOM: This is an AE magic effect much like Call to the Grave in Scholomance; it causes 2000 damage if not dispelled in 10 seconds.
  • DOMINATE MIND: Think Gnomish Mind Control Cap. Also magic. This should be your first priority when dispelling. Warriors should burn Intimidating Shout before the fight to avoid having people feared into the imp cave you just came from.

Dispel Magic, Decurses, and Boss Loot for Seasoned WoW Gold Hunters

You should have paladins (and priests if you don’t) on your party for their madly dispelling magic, whereas druids / mages should be madly decursing throughout the fight.  In between doing that, healers should be divided into roughly even groups for each tank (or set some of them aside to heal the rest of the raid). Once you’ve figured that out, DPS classes should kill first one add, then the other, and finally Lucifron. Lucifron drops boots, gloves, and miscellaneous other items you can keep for yourself or sell for WoW gold, as well as one Tome of Tranquilizing Shot, which teaches a hunter the Tranquilizing Shot skill.

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