Mage Class Overview for WoW Gold Hunters

Mages are powerful heroes in combat. They deal tons of ranged burst damage and area of effect spells but are excellent on the defense as well. These heroes can carry and may provide exceptional support in team fights.


Mage Class: A Background for WoW Gold Hunters

Mages utilize and control magical entities and elements that enable offensive damaging spells and excellent battlefield control. These masters of magical forces are indeed powerful heroes but at the expense of being fragile and prone to close-ranged assaults. They are lightly equipped with cloth armor and may wield wands, daggers, one-handed swords or staves as weapons. As a mage, you may specialize in different areas of magic namely: arcane, frost, and fire. Arcane magic can inflict powerful offensive energy; Fire can incinerate foes and create monstrous flames and balls of fire; Frost contributes largely in controlling the battlefield and assisting in team fights as it enables freezing or binding, slowing enemies and protection.

 Mage Class: Powerful Offense, Defense and Battlefield Control for WoW Gold Hunters

Blasts, explosions, missiles, and bolts of arcane energy may be summoned into the battlefield to inflict lethal blows. Raging fires and fireballs burn foes to the ground. Frostbolts and ice lances pierce through enemies. Magi can keep their foes at bay by freezing them in place, summoning blizzards to slow their movement speed and creating barriers of ice to block enemy attacks. Arcane magic provides excellent utility giving buffs, removing curses, and conjuring food and water. They can also wield the ability of transfiguration and transform their enemies into harmless sheep, should they get too close. Portals may be created by powerful mages to assist allies and transport them to different areas instantly.

Mage Class: Enhance Spells with Trinkets for WoW Gold Hunters

Magi rely on their magical powers and trinkets provide wonderful enhancements to spells and abilities. Increase critical strike, intellect, mastery, versatility, haste and multistrike by equipping your mage with trinkets. Enemies have different weaknesses and there are quests that require mastery of certain abilities and skills. Particular trinkets may help your hero conquer battles more effectively. Trinkets may be acquired with WoW gold. You may, of course, skip the tiring grind and buy WoW gold online. Dominate the battlefield and allow your mage to reach its full potential!

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