Legion: WoW Mounts Madness

For two long years players have been riding the Warlords of Draenor expansion, which is about to lose its steam, so it’s about time that WoW gets a new expansion. And it will, as Legion, which is just around the corner, is projected to be one of the biggest World of Warcraft expansions ever, and a lot of devs and players hope that its new content and return to more familiar elements in the lore will reel in both new and lapsed players. And other than new locations, monsters, quests, raids, WoW armor and WoW gear, WoW players are looking forward to be wowed by the upcoming WoW mounts that will carry them into battle. Here are some of these gallant (and not so gallant) steeds.

WoW Mounts: Ride Into Legion


Grave Defiler


Spirit of Eche’ro


Great Northern Elderhorn

Since we already have the Grove Warden, Blizzard will be giving us its evil twin, the Grove Defiler, which definitely looks very sinister. On the other hand, if you want another mount that’s deer to you but doesn’t look sinister, maybe the Spirit of Eche’ro would be your cup of tea. And if you prefer something that isn’t over the top effects-wise, maybe you’d prefer the regular Elderhorn. As of now, there are four elderhorn WoW mounts designs, but as of now only the white one, the Great Northern Elderhorn, is the only one that’s confirmed for release.



There is also the Felsaber, which looks like a skeleton of a predatory animal. If you want this mount, you’re going to have to be a Demon Hunter, as it is awarded to them in the class starting zone. In addition, even though it’s not included in the picture, the mount will feature fire effects, making it the perfect ride for a Demon Hunter.



Then again, maybe the Felsaber is too fantastical. So if you want something just as strange but not as over-magical, go for the Ratstallion. For this mount you’re going to have to go six feet under, literally, as it can only be found in the Dalaran underbelly.

Those are just some of the WoW mounts that will come out in World of Warcraft: Legion; surely there will be many others that are also slated for release, and just as many – or even more- that will be released during the next expansion’s span of time.

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