Knowing which class to pick and get your wow gold ready for Warlords of Draenor!

There are 9 classes available in World of Warcraft and as for Dark Knight, you have to have a level 55 first before able to get this class…

Checking on the class that you’ll be getting for your Warlords of Draenor Expansion

The new World of Warcraft: Warlord of Draenor expansion pack won’t be having any new class; so we’ll be giving the short description of the available characters that will help you as you travel the azeroth and do your wow gold journey.


  • Druid – Melee, bolt lobber, healer
  • Hunter – bolt lobber with melee pet
  • Mage – bolt lobber only, Frost mages have a bolt lobbing pet.
  • Paladin – Melee or healer.
  • Priest – Bolt lobber or healer
  • Rogue – Melee only
  • Shaman – Melee, bolt lobber, healer
  • Warlock – bolt lobber with melee or bolt lobbing pet
  • Warrior – Melee only


As for the class difficulty, in general priest and mage are the hard one. While druids, hunters and such are the easiest one. For the moderate are the tank types, Paladin is one of them. All of them are able to get wow gold of their own, but with good strategy you’ll be able to max out the level cap.


Better have EXP, REP and WOW GOLD booster than nothing

Blizzard didn’t implemented or celebrated their first 3 years anniversary after World of Warcraft has been released in November 23rd of year 2004. On the 4th anniversary, World of Warcraft celebrated and gave away Baby Blizzard Bear and no wow gold add-ons. But the said Bear isn’t character bound so you may pass it to your other character.

Now it’s the World of Warcraft’s 9th anniversary, the reward is only a 9% more on experience, reputation and wow gold booster. Though this reward is not that satisfying to other wow players; there are still people who are grateful to the giveaway.


With the anniversary event history… I’d rather have a 9% booster for an hour for my exp, rep and wow gold than getting nothing at all.

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