Know the profession for crafting that suits your wow gold budget

wow gold alchemy


Which profession to pick to make more wow gold?


When you wanted to earn gold at your early level then gathering is one activity that you should be first considering. While gathering doesn’t cost much gold, it does gives you gold earnings but not that much. If you’re looking for a vastly amount of wow gold earnings then crafting should be your way.



-will allow you to make Elixir which is gold expensive within the player auctions house. It’s one of the most important potions a warrior should be bringing.


All armours and weapon you’ll be crafting will be sold with a decent amount of wow gold depending on your product.



-Increases a weapon or amour’s stats and provide other bonuses for your character.

-can disenchant items that can be gold profitable.

-high recommended to be paired with tailoring Profession

The more the gathering compatibility, the more wow gold earning

There are many skills available that can be learned in-game; however having them paired with the right one will give you more gold.


-skins can be looted from the monster you’ll be killing. Selling the skin or using them for the leatherworking will be your choice; selling them to the player auctions house is recommended.

– Since you can leatherworking and skinning, no need to waste gold on buying armor or skins.


– selling gems in the player auctions house is a good way on making gold, but using them for jewelcrafting can make a great gold income.


– Can be used to craft scrolls, glyphs, Darkmoon cards, and epic items.

– Glyphs are very gold profitable


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