Know Glyphs and avoid spending wow gold on resetting

You can get access to Glyphs at level 25, Major and minor glyphs can be purchase at the player auctions house for a reasonable wow gold price.

Essence of Glyphs and why spend wow gold on them

There are two types of Glyphs, MINOR and MAJOR. Though Glyphs are wow gold purchasable by all class, you may review all Major and Minor glyphs that are usable depending to your class and specialization.


Glyphs are additional skills that may improve your abilities especially when you’re on RAIDS or DUNGEON runs. Though Glyphs are being less priority by other players, its wow gold beneficial and giving you additional “special” skills.


To avoid spending wow gold on expensive glyphs on player auctions house, you may ask your guildmates or friends to inscribe for you.

The person who made our wow gold journey fun and improving is leaving us

Ghostcrawler the lead system designer announced that he’ll be leaving blizzard as he found another opportunity for him. Gred Street (his real name) is working on the improvement of the game system as well as the wow gold player auctions house economy. He describes his role as: “Systems design specifically is everything that is not level, story, quest or encounter design. My team handles everything from classes to mechanics to items to trade skills to achievements to UI design, and that includes the game balance.”


Street was also the “front” of developer’s side while he is the ears for the community’s suggestions. Not many community managers or developers do what he did but with his listening and analysation skills, it help the world of azeroth to become a better and enjoyable wow gold place.

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