Instant level 90 price has been revealed – means more wow gold

High leveled characters spend more wow gold on wow items, but they earn more wow gold too because of the high level features of the game such as such as dungeons.


Wow gold preparation for the upcoming new expansion pack

There are lots of cool in-game features that will be implemented to the game of world of warcraft when the Warlord of Drainor arrives. PvP, barracks and such will challenge you and your tactics; both individual and as a whole. Getting your wow gold ready for the next expansion is recommended as they will help you move advance to the next level.

Blizzard revealed the price of the instant level 90 booster which will be 60USD. Unlike in the upcoming expansion which will only allows you to level jump ONE character. With the said service, you may level jump as many character as you can in one wow accounts as long as you have the Level 90 Character Bost. Having your character jump to level 90 will give you big advancement to your wow gold earnings.

Knowing the Dos and Donts of Player Auctions House and make more wow gold

After your long journey, going back to town to lessen the items on your inventory… Probably selling the items you looted will be a better way of disposing your “junks” to the vendor/NPC. While the valuable items can be sold to player auctions house to make better wow gold.


Knowing the item colors codes and how to use the player auction house should be considered first before attempting to make wow gold from your items. Grey, white, green, blue and purple are the colors you’ll be seeing in-game.


When you’re gathering items that are very useful especially for crafting, player auctions house should be your first stop on selling them then next is direct player. When you’re the one who needs to buy, NEVER as in never buy from the player auctions house as the price are wow “over priced” so better buy them directly from players.

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