Instant level 90 60usd that will help with wow gold earnings

Hitting the current level cap will definitely entitles you to try the high level dungeons that will entitles you to earn more wow gold. Getting more wow items and wow gold will give you advancement for the upcoming new expansion.


Wow gold preparation for the upcoming new expansion pack

There are several game features that make one player to earn more wow gold. As you level up, your character’s needs is also increasing; wow items that your character need can be really expensive, so preparing for the upcoming expansion.

The Level 90 Character Boost has been revealed by Blizzard which will be 60USD. Unlike in the upcoming expansion which will only allows you to level jump ONE character. With the said service, you may level jump as many character as you can in one wow accounts as long as you have. Having your character advance to level 90 may give you big advancement to your wow gold earnings.


Where can I train riding and how much for wow gold?

You’ll be able to do your riding at when you reached level 20, below are the information of what level, attributes and how much wow gold you need for each titles.


Apprentice RidingLevel: 20

Speed: +60% (ground)

Cost: 4 gold


Journeyman Riding

Level: 40

Speed: +100% (ground)

Cost: 50 gold

Expert RidingLevel: 60

Speed: +150% (flying)

Cost: 250 gold


Flight Master’s License

Level: 60

Cost: gold

Allows flying in Azeroth

Cold Weather FlyingLevel: 68

Cost: 500 gold

Allows flying in Northrend


Artisan Riding

Level: 70

Speed: +280% (flying)

Training cost: 5,000 gold

Master RidingLevel: 80

Speed: +310% (flying)

Cost: 5,000 gold


Wisdom of the Four Winds

Level: 90

Cost: 2,500 gold

Allows flying in Pandaria


Training place would be depending on your race and remember to bring the required gold.

Human: Randal Hunter in Elwynn Forest

Night elf: Jartsam in Darnassus

Dwarf: Ultham Ironhorn in Dun Morogh

Gnome: Binjy Featherwhistle in Dun Morogh

Draenai: Aalun in The Exodar

Worgen: None, they receive the Running Wild skill instead

Orc: Kildar in Orgrimmar

Troll: Xar’Ti in Durotar

Tauren: Kar Stormsinger in Mulgore

Undead: Velma Warnam in Tirisfal Glades

Blood elf: Perascamin in Eversong Woods

Goblin: Revi Ramrod in Orgrimmar

Pandaren: Can train at any trainer of their faction

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