[Instance Guide] Utgarde Keep for WoW Gold Hunters Part 3.2: Skarvald the Constructor

It’s time take out your best raiding gear and equipment again, when you buy WoW gold, as we continue to walk you through the adventure in the Utgarde Keep instance. On the previous articles, which you may read here, we talked about the Utgarde Keep, the first boss to be encountered, Prince Keleseth and half of the second boss encounter: Dalronn the Controller. The second boss encounter will include two bosses to be battled at the same time: Skarvald the Constructor and Dalronn the Controller. On today’s article we will be talking about Skarvald the Constructor. Read on below for more information.

Skarvald_the_ConstructorSkarvald the Constructor: A Background for WoW Gold Hunters

Skarvald the Constructor is a Vrykul boss in the Utgarde Keep and is the other half of the second boss encounter with Dalronn the Controller. You will most probably see him as the one building the tunnel to Gjalerbron. Both of them will fight at the same time when engaged.

Skarvald the Construcor: Skills and Abilities for WoW Gold Hunters

  • Charge – Charges an enemy and deals 35% of the caster’s normal damage and, additionally, stuns the opponent for 2 seconds
  • Enrage – Increases his attack speed by 30% and the Physical damage he deals by 10% for 10 seconds.
  • Stone strike – Deals 100% of normal weapon damage and inflicts a knock back.

How to Defeat Skarvald the Constructor: A Strategic Guide for WoW Gold Hunters

There are two tactics you may use in the battle of this duo. The first is to kill them both at the same time, as they will try to resurrect each other upon one’s defeat as an untargetable, undamageable ghost that carries out its previous attacks. However, this tactic will be very difficult as the team will take a lot of damage from the two bosses in order to get them both low enough to be killed at the same time. The second tactic is to kill of Dalronn first and finish off Skarvald. Never ever kill Skarvald first as this will most likely result in a total team wipe. For a strategic guide on how to defeat Dalronn read our guide here. Once he dies you ignore his resurrected spirit and focus all attention on Skarvald.

Defeating Skarvald should be standard tank and spank. Time he spends running back to the tank is the best time to attack him as he will not do any damage.

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