[Instance Guide] Drak’Tharon Keep for WoW Gold Hunters Part 4: Trollgore

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Brave adventurers who dared to take on the Drak’Tharon Keep, are you ready to face the first boss of the dungeon? As we’ve discussed in the previous articles, which you may read here, the first boss is Trollgore, a massive blue troll with sharp long tusks that is thirsty for blood. Today, we’ll talk about his abilities and most importantly, how to defeat him. So put on your best raiding gear and equipment, when you buy WoW gold, and read on below for more information.

Trollgore: A Background for WoW Gold Hunters

Trollgore may be located at the top of the stairs on the right in The Warlord’s Terrace. The group must defeat him to be able to move on through the instance to Novos. He is constantly being attacked by angry mobs of non-elite Drakkari trolls.

Trollgore: Skills and Abilities for WoW Gold Hunters

  • Infected Wound –debuff that increases target’s damage taken by 15% for 10 seconds
  • Consume – inflicts 1800-2600 shadow damage to enemies within a 50 yard radius. Additionally, he gains a 5% damage increase for every enemy hit
  • Corpse Explode – infects a nearby Drakkari Invader corpse causing it to explode in a few seconds a deals 4000-4800 damage to enemies hit in a 5 yard radius of the explosion
  • Crush – deals 150% of his normal melee damage to the target with one blow

How to Defeat Trollgore: A Strategic Guide for WoW Gold Hunters

During the battle mobs of non-elite Drakkari will swarm the area and attack the boss. One by one they will be killed by Trollgore’s Consume ability and he will later make them explode

The fight mainly depends on the DPS he gains a stacking buff every time he deals damage with Consume.

If the chaos of the Drakkari mobs get too much you may pull Trollgore away from them, around 50 yards, and DPS down the mobs to wipe them. This would reduce the damage your party may take from Consume and prevent it from stacking up and also keep the mobs’ corpses away from Trollgore avoiding Corpse Explode.

The important part to remember is to DPS down Trollgore and get his health bar low enough before he stacks his buffs from Consume.

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