[Instance Guide] Drak’Tharon Keep for WoW Gold Hunters Part 3: The Warlord’s Terrace (Trash Mobs)

Ready to continue the adventure at Dark’Tharon Keep? On the previous article, which you may read here, we talked about the Hall of Departure which is the first area of the dungeon you and your group will step foot on. After you’ve wiped out the trash mobs there you will now proceed to The Warlord’s Terrace where other dark creatures lurk. Put on your best raiding gear and equipment, when you buy WoW gold, as we guide you through them. Read on below for more information.

The Warlord’s Terrace for WoW Gold Hunters

The Warlord’s Terrace is a large room just past the Hall of Departure. At the end of the Hall of Departure you will encounter 2 sets of stairs. Choose the stairs on the right going up to head over to the Warlord’s Terrace. There are three kinds of trash mobs to encounter in this area and, additionally, where the first boss of Drak’Tharon Keep (Trollgore) resides—but more on him on our next article. Today we’ll be talking about the trash mobs.

The Warlord’s Terrace Trash Mobs for WoW Gold Hunters

There are three kinds of trash mobs in this area that are all undead namely: Flesheating Ghoul, Wretched Belcher and Ghoul Tormentor.



Flesheating Ghoul

The Flesheating Ghoul, as it is his name, is known to devour the flesh of trespassers and adventurers who wander into the Warlord’s Terrace.

  • Pierce Armor – diminishes a target’s armor by 30% for 10 seconds
  • Frenzy – enhances its’ physical damage dealt by 75 and attack speed by 30% for 2 minutes.





693px-Wretched_BelcherWretched Belcher

The Wretched Belcher is known to be an enormous glowing beast with chains around its arms and an open stomach with its insides about to come out.

  • Cleave – inflicts 110% of its’ normal melee damage up to three enemy units
  • Bile Vomit – releases a stream of bile from its mouth that inflicts 1245-1500 nature damage and about 1000 damage every 2 seconds to any enemies in a cone directly in front of him
  • Disease Cloud – secrets a dark cloud of poisonous gas and disease that surrounds itself and inflict 250-300 nature damage every second to those who stand too close to him.




Ghoul Tormentor

  • Cleave – deals 1273-1365 damage (150% normal damage) to up to two target enemy units.
  • Flesh Rot – inflicts 1400-2200 damage and then 400-800 damage every 2 seconds for 8 seconds.








Wiping Out the Warlord’s Terrace: A Strategic Guide for WoW Gold Hunters

A tip we could give you is to pull the mobs into the small hallway where the group entered from. This may be done individually or in small groups. Once they’re all together, AoE them down. It is recommended that there is a player in the group that has the ability to dispel diseases to minimize the damage the group takes from these monsters. Once you’ve wiped them out, proceed to the first boss: Trollgore. More on him on the next article.

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