[Instance Guide] Ahn’kahet: The Old Kingdom for WoW Gold Hunters Part 1

Ready for your next journey, World of Warcraft adventurers? Take out your best raiding gear, when you buy WoW gold, as we guide you through the dark and mysterious Ahn’kahet, The Old Kingdom. Battle terrifying creatures for the prize of valuable items, WoW gold, and the glory of defeating this instance. So are you ready? If yes, read on below.

Ahn’Kahet, The Old Kingdom: A Background for WoW Gold Hunters

Ahn’kahet, The Old Kingdom is one of the two instances located in The Pit of Narjun in the heart of Dragonblight. The other instance alongside Ahn’kahet is Azjol-Nerub. Ahn’kahet is more widely known as simply Old Kingdom and is commonly abbreviated as OK.

This dungeon lies deep beneath Northrend’s surface. It is the home of nerubians that desired to hide in the safety of the underground. They wished to be hidden from the Scourge and holed up within the lower levels.

This is a 5-man level 80 dungeon. It is one of the more advanced instances and will require players to be equipped with the best gear and weapons which may be purchased when you buy WoW gold.


Some Things to Note about Ahn’Kahet, The Old Kingdom for WoW Gold Hunters

Like any other dungeon or instance, the Ahn’Kahet is inhibited by various creatures that when defeated will reward XP, WoW gold and valuable items.

Trash Mobs

  • Bonegrinders hit really hard and must be careful when pulling and killing them in groups.

On the platform where you will encounter the Bonegrinders, there are two devices that the group must deactivate in order to access the second boss: Prince Taldaram. These devices may be found at the top of the spiderweb pathways in the northern part of the area.


  • Elder Nadox – An undead nerubian vizier serving the Lich King.
  • Prince Taldaram – A darkfallen prince.
  • Jedoga Shadowseeker – A Twilight’s Hammer cultist.
  • Amanitar (heroic mode only) – A fungal monster.
  • Herald Volazj – A Faceless One.

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