Important of Tanks in Dungeon and wow gold run (Part 2)

wow gold tanks

COORDINATION is one key of wow gold success in Dungeon Run

Tanks are the one to face the crowd of monsters and because of this they tend to direct and lead the coordination of the group; from him pulling the mobs, for the DPS to start on hitting the monsters and the healer to heal which one first. When it comes to looting gold and items, everyone can do it but since Warlord of Draenor is still not coming, the rare distribution is still tricky as it’s still not flexible to all class but it can be wow gold sell


Before you ask a lot of “WHERE” questions get your wow gold and level ready first.

Getting or having a mount is easy since it will be on your major quest. When you reach level 20, getting a mount will be one of your quests Learn to Ride at the ExodarYour first mount will not cost you a lot but several gold only.


Apprentice Riding

Level: 20

Speed: +60% (ground)

Cost: 4 gold


Journeyman Riding

Level: 40

Speed: +100% (ground)

Cost: 50 gold


Expert Riding

Level: 60

Speed: +150% (flying)

Cost: 250 gold


Flight Master’s License

Level: 60

Cost: 250 gold

Allows flying in Azeroth


Cold Weather Flying

Level: 68

Cost: 500 gold

Allows flying in Northrend


Artisan Riding

Level: 70

Speed: +280% (flying)

Training cost: 5,000 gold


Master Riding

Level: 80

Speed: +310% (flying)

Cost: 5,000 gold


Wisdom of the Four Winds

Level: 90

Cost: 2,500 gold

Allows flying in Pandaria


These mount might sound wow gold expensive but they give an additional reputation experience. So till Warlord of Draenor is not here yet… might as well try flying…

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