How BAGs affect your wow gold activity?

Some players might be only looking at the BUYING wow gold price of BAGs but, they should also consider the benefit that it will give you in the future.

How does your bag affect your wow gold earnings?

When doing Quest, Raids, Dungeon Runs and power leveling yourself, your backpack slot is your “indicator” when to stop.


Spend big wow gold on BAG and wait for your continued rewards…

The smaller your bag slot, the shorter of your errands in game. When you do your daily activities, you tend to loot wow gold or other items such as leather, skins and other crafting materials. When you don’t buy a bigger bag, it will lessen your time on hunting.


Now to avoid spending much time on walking back to town just to sell your loots, buying the biggest bag should be considered. The bigger the backback maybe the bigger the gold price of it, but it’s worth investing for.


Gather for your wow gold sell and future crafting

Herbalism, Skinning and mining are good gathering combination when you’re planning to make gold. Without spending so much gold and effort on these gathering skills you’ll be able to pull out a real good gold sell on them on the player auctions house or just keep them for your future crafting.


Gathering can be done whenever you like; during your quest, when travelling from one place to another, dungeon runs and other gold activities. These skills requires special tool, but the worth of the tool so gold cheap and soon will return to double or triple!


More guides on effortlessly making gold coming…

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