HEALER roles in dungeon for wow gold success

Healer’s Role is not “JUST” healing; they also contribute to wow gold success

Tanks are not the only one is stressed when it comes to Raids and Dungeon runs; priest on the other hand is more stressful. Healing your mates is the most important thing to do and while resurrecting them is on the line. If the dungeon isn’t that hard then priest are able to pick up all the wow gold and wow items that the party isn’t looting.


How to practice healing for newbies?

Questing and having a party with your level is a good way of practicing healing. The quest Egg Hunt is one hard quest for starters as the mobs are very aggressive and high chance of killing you. In this way, you’ll be able to practice healing your mate as well as attaining more wow gold to finish your quest. If you think that you passed this quest then getting the EASIEST dungeon run should be considered.

Though it’s a huge sale for WoW and the latest expansion, other players prefer Diablo 3 gold than wow gold

Last November 26th, blizzard announced on World of Warcraft and Star Craft II that they’ll be holding a black Saturday sale for both products.75% of the total amount of the digital copy of the starter pack and the its latest expansion World of Warcraft: Mist of Pandaria; while 50% discount has been given for star craft II products. On Star craft II announcement page, the players were looking for Diablo 3 gold; while on the WoW page, they wanted companions and mounts for better wow gold attributes.


But more likely, these people are very thankful with the sale since they were able to afford the latest world of Warcraft expansion at a very cheap price. This positive feedback sure will bring more people to the player auctions house and more wow gold profit!

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