Guide to Garrison Invasion Bosses for Seasoned WoW Gold Hunters P2

This section presupposes that you have sufficient information about Garrison invasions, so let’s carry on to a more in-depth guide about the different Garrison invasion bosses. Find out more in the article below, WoW gold hunters!

annihilon wow gold boss garrison

Other Reminders for WoW Gold Hunters

Now that we’ve covered the first part of the guide, let’s move on to a few reminders (better safe than sorry, right?) when facing Garrison invasion bosses.

  • Make sure the bosses are summoned by the LEADER. You can use bodyguards, etc.
  • The leader whose garrison you are at can use the invasion enhancement items such as Enduring Vial of Swiftness, Enchanted Crystal of Replenishment, and Enchanted Crystal of Freezing.
  • Once you wipe an invasion boss, you don’t get a second chance with that same summoning item; hence, you must acquire another one.
  • Garrison Raid Defense lockout will appear in your raid lockout list if you defeat this boss. This means you can only get loot from these bosses ONCE per week.

Lady Fleshsear for WoW Gold Hunters

Lady Fleshsear’s abilities are Call of Flame, Overwhelming Flames, and Rain of Fire (thus the name). Call of Flame calls a gout of fireballs that explode upon contact. Overwhelming Flames inflicts massive fire damage per second for 15 seconds. Rain of Fire rains down meteors upon the targeted area. Have fire-resistance items when you buy WoW gold before dealing with Lady Fleshsear. WoW gold hunters who are inflicted with Overwhelming Flames debuff must move away from the rest of the team since it will damage those within range. Use mitigation cooldowns on the Overwhelming Flames target, and ensure that you move out once Rain of Fire is cast.

Annihilon for WoW Gold Hunters

Annihilon’s abilities are Twist Mind, Void Bomb, and Whirling Void. Cast Free the Mind on controlled players. Don’t stand in the shadow whirlwind and the shadow bombs to avoid damage. As with many other bosses, let the tank take the damage while DPS deals consistent damage on Annihilon. Healers should likewise be ready with their utility spells, or recovery items purchased with cheap WoW gold.

Mage Lord Gogg’nathog for WoW Gold Hunters

Gogg’nathog’s abilities are Arcane Orb, Arcane Surge, and Unleashed Energy. Arcane Orb inflicts heavy Arcane damage to any players it touches. Avoid it at all cost. Arcane Surge inflicts a more massive damage as it increases attack and cast speed by 20%, and will stack until 5. Unleashed Energy fills a target with arcane energy, causing them to erupt, thus inflicting damage. Purge or dispel Arcane Surge as soon as possible. Get away from others if you have Unleashed Energy.

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