[GUIDE] Taking on Garrison Invasion Bosses for WoW Gold Hunters

The Garrison system in World of Warcraft gives players access to Garrison Invasions. Clearing invasions not only provides gear and cheap WoW Gold, it can also provide you with items that can summon a raid boss to your Garrison. Why would you do such a thing is what this article will aim to cover. Just be sure to buy gold WoW as you will need it for repairs later.

wow gold garrison guide

Invasion boss basics for WoW gold hunters

Like regular raid bosses, Garrison Invasion Bosses have a lot of health and can deal a lot damage. They normally need 10 to 40 players to defeat. It is often ideal to do them when you have asked help from players to clear an Invasion, since you will already have players ready for battle.

Unlike normal raid bosses however, Garrison Invasion Bosses can only be summoned by the owner of the Garrison. Even if you have a boss summoning item, you cannot use it while in another player’s Garrison. Additionally, during the fight you can use bodyguards to bring in extra damage. Note that your group will only have a single chance to kill the boss per summoning item. If your group wipes, the owner of the Garrison will need to use another summoning item. Unfortunately, even if you buy WoW gold, these items cannot be bought.

Bosses available to WoW gold hunters

As of writing, there are six Garrison Invasion Bosses. To summon each boss, you will need a specific item. Summoning Teluur will require the Heart of Oak. Meanwhile, Galur will only appear if you use a Runed Greatstone. A Bloodied Iron Horde Banner is required to bring forth Commander Dro’gan, while a Legion Beacon will attract Lady Fleshsear. The Void Prison will summon Annihilon, while an Arcane Highmaul Relic call to Mage Lord Gogg’nathog. As mentioned earlier, these items cannot be bought even if you buy cheap WoW gold.

WoW gold and loot from bosses

As for loot from the Garrison Invasion Bosses, they will drop an assortment of gear with item level 660. Four invasion mounts can also drop from these bosses, namely: Garn Steelmaw, Giant Coldsnout, Smoky Direwolf and Shadowhide Pearltusk. Note however that since this is a raid boss, there is a one week lookout for loot. Each boss also gives 100 Garrison Resources, 100 Apexis Crystals and 120 gold so you can opt not to buy WoW gold. Finally, killing all six bosses will unlock the Master and Commander achievement.

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