[GUIDE] Making more wow gold with secondary profession

In secondary profession, there’s no limitation on which one you would like to take. Each one of them has the capacity to give you wow gold sell.

Which profession can help you to make wow gold sell?

Many players are thinking that doing crafting or even secondary profession is just a waste of time, but others it’s their wow gold source. Cooking, fishing, first aid, and archaeology…


-Cook food that gives health restoration and food buffs

-No need to spend wow gold on special tools, Gathering materials is all you need to cook. Materials can be found from the monsters you kill that also drops wow gold.

-Can gain reputation on the town you’re cooking at



-Fish you get can be sell wow gold or cook food that may give food buffs

-tools is fishing pole that can be bought from the NPC

-Can gain reputation on the town you’re fishing at.


What’s new and wow gold beneficial on “recruit a friend program”?

Just like the old system, whenever a wow player recruits a friend they’ll be getting a 1 month free subscription IF their recruited player pays for his first month. What is new is that IF the recruited wow player pays 2 months subscription, the recruiter will get a chance to choose from the epic pet and mount. The said rewards however the pet/mounts are character bound so it can’t be wow gold sell.


For in-game experience, the recruiter will experience great benefits that will last up to 90 days. Aside from the wow gold benefits, the recruiter and recruited will get experience benefits too.


To see recruit a friend walkthrough, see the video below.


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