[Guide] Farming The Violet Hold for WoW Gold Hunters Part 8: Cyanigosa

Got your best raiding gear on, World of Warcraft adventurers? It’s time to end this battle in the Violet Hold. In the Previous articles, which you can read here, we talked about the Violet Hold, its trash portals and the beasts that go through them to penetrated Dalaran City. The raiding group will be asked to help stop them. Two bosses will also come out of the portals, one random boss from six bosses (Xevozz, Moragg, Ichoron, Lavanthor, Zuramat the Obliterator) and Cyanigosa. On today’s article we will be talking about Cyanigosa. Read on below for more details.

180px-Cyanigosa_elfCyanigosa: A Background for WoW Gold Hunters

Cyanigosa is an extremely powerful blue dragon boss that you will encounter in the Violet Hold. She has been sent there by Malygos and is tasked to be the supreme commander of the invading forces and troops to release the prisoners of the instance and enter Dalaran itself to wreak havoc. She is the final boss encounter in this instance. Defeating her proves to be profitable as she drops valuable items that may be sold for WoW gold in the Auction House! Loot may include Jailer’s Baton, Plate Claws of the Dragon and Boots of the Portal Guardian on Normal. On Heroic loot may include Gauntlets of Capture, Azure Cloth Bindings, Spaulders of the Violet Hold, Bolstered Legplates, Handgrips of the Savage Emissary, Cyanigosa’s Leggings and Staff of Trickery.


Cyanigosa: Skills and Abilities for WoW Gold Hunters

  • Uncontrollable Energy Magic Effect — is a summoning of a torrent of Arcane energy, dealing Arcane damage to all enemy units directly in front of her.
  • Tail Sweep — Cyanigosa swings her mighty tail, dealing powerful Physical damage to all players in a cone directly behind her, additionally interrupting spells.
  • Blizzard — Summoning down a blizzard that lasts 8 seconds, dealing Frost damage every 2 seconds and significantly slowing enemies in a selected area by 40%.
  • Arcane Vacuum — Pulls all players towards her.
  • Mana Destruction Magic Effect — Cyanigosa demolishes a player’s mana every 2 seconds for 8 seconds additionally dealing Arcane damage equal to the amount of mana destroyed.

How to Defeat Cyanigosa: A Strategic Guide for WoW Gold Hunters

The battle with Cyanigosa is a fairly easy tank and spank strategy. The main tank should aggro her and get her to face away from the other players. Occasionally she inflicts Uncontrollable energy, which can be dispelled. Also she will randomly pull everyone towards her to the middle and then throw them back. Make sure the main tank taunts Cyanigosa immediately after getting pulled.

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