[Guide] Farming The Violet Hold for WoW Gold Hunters Part 5: Ichoron

Go put on your best raiding gear, when you buy WoW gold, World of Warcraft adventurers! It’s time to continue our guide for The Violet Hold instance. If you’ve read the previous articles of this article series, which you may read here if you haven’t yet, we talked about The Violet Hold dungeon, the trash portals and the creatures that come through it. It was mentioned that within this instance the raiding group will have to face two bosses, Cyanigosa and one other boss from six possible bosses. We already talked about Xevozz and Moragg, two of the possible random bosses to encounter. Today we’ll talk about Ichoron, another boss that may come out of the portals.

Ichoron: A Background for WoW Gold Hunters

Ichoron (1)Ichoron is a mighty water revenant boss that is one of the six possible bosses to encounter in the Violet Hold. She is seen to be a floating suit of armor with waves of water inside. Slaughtering of this boss promises to be profitable of loot that may be sold for WoW gold in the Auction House. Normal Loot will include Handguards of Rapid Pursuit and Spaulders of Ichoron. On Heroic mode, however, loot will include Gauntlets of the Water Revenant, Globule Signet and Water-Drenched Robe.


“Water can hold any form, take any shape… overcome any obstacle!”

Ichoron: Skills and Abilities for WoW Gold Hunters

  • Protective Bubble is a massive bubble that protects her and overall damage she takes is reduced by 99%. The bubble, however, pops and bursts after a total of 35 attacks or spells.
  • Water Blast is the ability to shoot a gush of water at an enemy that deals 2775 to 3225 Frost damage and inflicts a knock back.
  • Water Bolt Volley summons a powerful watery bolt at all nearby enemies within the range of 45 yards, dealing 1850 to 2150 Frost damage.

How to Defeat Ichoron: A Strategic Guide for WoW Gold Hunters

The most basic thing to do is to destroy the Protective Bubble. Any attempts at damaging Ichoron is futile with the Protective Bubble active. Every melee or magic attack that Ichoron takes will remove one charge of the shield. Once 35 charges are received, the Protective Bubble will burst and she will collapse to the floor. At this time some weak water elementals will spawn. Clear all the elementals. When an elemental reaches her, it will return health to her so better kill them all first. When Ichoron reaches 25% health, she will enrage and her attacks and defenses are enhanced. Melee damage is increased and spells cast twice as fast. Healers must always be on their toes.

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