[Guide] Farming The Violet Hold for WoW Gold Hunters Part 4: Moragg

It’s time to put on your best raiding gear, when you buy WoW gold, World of Warcraft adventurers! It’s time to face one of the two bosses found in the Violet Hold. On the previous articles, which you may read here, we talked about this instance and the many portals the Malygos is using to transport his minions into Dalaran. The brave group who dares to enter and engage in this instance will be tasked to stop the invasion. Along with the minions are two bosses that you and your group needs to defeat: Cyanigosa and one random boss from six possible bosses. On part 3 of this article series we talked about one of the possible bosses to encounter: Xevozz. On today’s article we will be talking about Moragg, another random boss that you may face. Read on below for more information.

130623062957955894Moragg: A Background for WoW Gold Hunters

Moragg is a massive floating eye boss and is one of the random bosses that may spawn from the portals of the Violet Hold. He looks like a giant pink jelly fish with 7 eyes and layers upon layers of yellowing razor sharp teeth. He works for Cyanigosa, another boss to be encountered in the Violet Hold. He has been tasked to destroy Dalaran’s renegade magi. He drops some valuable items that may be sold for WoW gold in the Auction House. On normal mode he drops Shoulderplates of the Beholder and Band of Eyes. On heroic mode, on the other hand, he drops Solitaire of Reflecting Beams, Saliva Corroded Pike and Moragg’s Chestguard.

Moragg: Skills and Abilities for WoW Gold Hunters

  • Ray of Suffering is a DoT that will deal damage equal to 8% of the target’s total health every second for a duration of 5 seconds
  • Ray of Pain inflicts 900-2000 shadow damage to an enemy and diminishes healing received by 15%
  • Optic Link is the ability to summon and channel a beam of energy at a target that deals 876-1497 damage per tick for 12 seconds
  • Corrosive Saliva applies a debuff that can stack up to 20 times and each application reduces the target’s armor by 5%

How to Defeat Moragg: A Strategic Guide for WoW Gold Hunters

The defeat of this boss is a simple tank-and-spank tactic. Most of the damage should be directed at the tank so make sure he is equipped with the best gear and armor when you buy WoW gold. However, Moragg will also target random players with Optic Link so Healers must stay on their feet. Other than that he won’t be too difficult to defeat.

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