[Guide] Farming The Nexus (Ice Caverns) for WoW Gold Hunters Part 2: Grand Magus Telestra

It’s time to put on your best raiding gear, when you buy WoW gold, again World of Warcraft adventurers! Now that we’ve told you all about the Nexus, we’re here to guide you through raiding one of its three instances which is, incidentally, also called The Nexus (Ice Caverns). On today’s article we will be talking about one of the bosses you may encounter here: Grand Magus Telestra. Read on below for more information.

Grand_magus_telestraGrand Magus Telestra: A Background for WoW Gold Hunters

Grand Magus Telestra is a powerful high elf boss to be encountered in the Nexus. She is one of the mages of the Kirin Tor who has an alliance with Malygos to preserve her magical arcane powers. Malygos only needed to remind her that Dalaran imprisoned her people, and this betrayal served as her cause for the alliance. At the present, she is guarding a part of Keristrasza’s prison. She is also the appointed leader of the effort to redirect the ley lines in the Dragonblight.


Grand Magus Telestra: Skills and Abilities for WoW Gold Hunters

There is no doubt that Grand Magus Telestra is extremely powerful. She has a number of skillset up her sleeve, manipulating elements to cause her enemies pain and delivering destruction. She has two phases of battle. During Phase 1, you will fight her as she uses three magical elements: fire, ice and arcane. During Phase 2, she disappears and will spawn three of her clones in her place, each embodying those three elements. At Phase 3 she returns into battle.

Phase 1

  • Firebomb — deals 2000 to 2500 damage to a target and any nearby party members
  • Ice Nova — deals 2500 damage to enemy units within a 60 yard radius and stuns them for 3 seconds
  • Gravity Well — deals 75 damage-per-second for 6 seconds and pulls them within 60 yards to her point of location

Phase 2

Once she reaches 50% health, she will disappear and will spawn 3 of her clones each mastering one magical force.

  • Arcane
    • Time Stop — stuns enemies for 2 seconds
    • Polymorph — transforms a party member into a harmless critter, silencing them of the ability to cast spells or attacks.
  • Forst
    • Blizzard — deals 750 to 1000 damage per tick.
    • Ice Barb — deals 400 to 500 damage to a single enemy target.
  • Fire
    • Scorch — deals 1250 to 1800 damage to a single enemy target.
    • Fire Blast — deals 2100 to 2650 damage to a single enemy target.

Phase 3

After her three clones are defeated she will reappear, still at 50% health.

  • Freeze — Freezes your party in ice, immobilizing each member, when her health reaches 25%
  • Fireball Volley — AoE damage with a 30 yard range and is cast directly after Freeze.

How to Defeat Grand Magnus Telestra: A Strategic Guide for WoW Gold Hunters

Phase 1

Phase 1 is a standard fight, just avoid her spells (which are all AoE) and keep hitting her. The key is to move around a lot and have healers on their feet healing keeping up with the damage the group takes.

Phase 2

This part is a bit trickier. It is recommended to kill the Arcane clone first and then try to CC the other two. If your group doesn’t have any CC skills, zerg the adds one at a time. This is just like phase 1, only that there are three of her.

Phase 3

Once the clones are defeated she will reappear with 50% health, and will use the same attacks as in phase one. Once she reaches 25% health, she will use Freeze and Fireball Volley which are mainly defense attacks. Have the Healers ready to heal the group members once Freeze is over.

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