First time to do Dungeon Run? But doesn’t want to look like a newbie? Act pro and get wow gold (Part 1)

wow gold dungeon

Act profession when you’re on a wow gold dungeon run

When we try things for the first time, we tend to act “newbie”; even for a wow player who just got back to their wow account and play the game again still feels like they became newbie for the second time. So avoid looting ALL wow gold and “junk” items and focus on the dungeon run…


When wow gold dungeon running, there are 4 roles for a team these are: TANK, HEALER, and DPS. When joining to a group you should know WHAT your role is; example if you joined the team as a DPS, DON’T act as TANKER.


When you’re planning to do a dungeon run, always make sure you’re all pack with foods right equipments. Don’t mind spending wow gold on the gold and equipments, as you’ll be able to get it back after the dungeon run.


When doing this activity, you should have NOTHING to do since this will take like 30minutes onwards. When you’re not paying attention your teammates might get mad as you might looted the wow gold or rares that is NOT usable by your character…

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