Fast WoW Gold Guide through Farming Rylaks

Hey there World of Warcaraft adventurers! We all know that farming various creatures in Draenor can be rewarding as a lot of valuable items and drops are yours to loot when you slaughter these beasts. For today’s guide, we’ll talk about the cunning and ferocious Rylaks and how to farm them.


Rylaks: A Background for WoW Gold Hunters

Rylaks are tough, two-headed, versatile creatures who have the ability to fly. Because of this, they are an ideal companion and mount in your adventures. This two headed beast has double pairs of eyes, nostrils, and fangs. It also has a thick hide to protect itself from most elements and causes much frustration from hunters as their arrows usually fail to pierce through their armor. Rylak Eggs are one of the valuable drops of Rylaks and are the main crafting reagent for Feast of the Blood. Rylaks are hard to farm so prices for their eggs remain high in the Autction House. They sell for up to 10 WoW gold each.

Where to Hunt Rylaks for WoW Gold Hunters

Rylaks can be found in Shadowmoon valley. To get there, fly to Darktide Roost at (60,80) from Garrison.

If you don’t have this Flight Path yet, there other ways to get to Darktide Roost. If you play Alliance, just follow the path on the shore located south-west from Garrison. When you reach the water, head across it and enter the island. For those who play Horde, on the other hand, fly to Pinchwhistle Gearworks in Spires of Arakk. Proceed to follow the shore located on the eastern area until you reach Shadowmoon Valley. The journey is much more trickier for Horde players and an easier way would be to use a strider mount or an Elixir of Water Walking, both of which may be acquired when you buy WoW gold.

How to Farm Rylaks  for WoW Gold Hunters

Rylaks are not easy to farm and require a minimum level of 100 and preferably a ranged character. If you’re using a melee character, it is best to bring a few stacks of Mecha-Blast Rocket with you which you can purchase when you buy WoW gold. Once you arrive at Darktide Roost in Shadowmoon Valley, start grinding on any Rylak you encounter. Remember to keep a close watch on the sky and watch out for Rylak hordes flying above. Darktide Engineers drop Goblin Rocket Packs, which you may also acquire when you buy WoW gold, and gives you the ability to jump higher for 3 mins. Use these when you hunt Rylaks on the higher cliffs. If Rylaks run scarce or if you’re too lazy to explore your farming area, engage Darkwing Whelpings. They don’t drop loot but they call out to other Rylaks to help them in battle.

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