Fast WoW Gold Guide through Farming Pit of Saron Part 3: Krick & Ick

This guide will provide information and strategic instructions on how to defeat the second boss found in the Pit of Saron namely: Krick and Ick. You will be able to engage him only after you’ve defeated the first boss, Forgemaster Garfrost, which we talked about in part 2 of this article which you can read here. If you need more information about the Pit of Saron and how to get there read the part 1 of this article series here. Krick and Ick, and other creatures in the dungeon, drop a lot of loot. Better have a portable merchant with you which you may acquire when you buy WoW gold.


Krick and Ick: A Background for WoW Gold Hunters

Krick nd Ick is a vicious duo comprised of a gnome (Krick) and a plague eruptor (Ick). They are in league with the Lich King and serve the bosses in the dungeon. Krick is the boss and dominant of the duo and rides on the back of Ick. They are undead creatures that use poisons and toxins to attack enemies. They are versatile and like to run around so be ready to keep up.

Krick and Ick: Abilities for WoW Gold Hunters

Toxic Waste is an AoE and DoT attack that deals 25% nature damage of your total health every 2 seconds and lasts for 10 seconds. It has a 40 yard range.

Mighty Kick is a powerful kick by Ick that knocks back enemies and deals 150% weapon damage. It has a 10 yard range and instantly casts.

Shadow Bolt is a bold of dark magic hurled and pierces through enemies inflicting Shadow damage of up to 2,125-2,900 and has a 40 yard range.

Pursuit is when you need to start running as Ick and the super zombies starts chasing one random player from the group. Once caught, the targeted player suffers debuffs. This lasts for 12 seconds.

Pursuit Confusion is a buff that reduces Ick’s movement speed by half but doubles his damage.

Poison Nova deals DoT nature damage with an intial 12,000-30,000 damage plus 1,500-6,500 every 3 seconds that you stand on the pool. It lasts for 21 seconds.

Explosive Barrage is when Krick launches explosive missiles at enemy targets and deals 3,000 – 6,000 arcane damage with a 6 yard range.

How to Defeat Krick and Ick for WoW Gold Hunters

Before engaging Krick and Ick, make sure to wipe out all the other eruptors in the area as it may overwhelm you if they joined the fight. Ick will stick to melee attacks while Krick, riding on his back, will fire ranged poison attacks. Krick, being the small rider of Ick, cannot be targeted so focus your assaults on Ick. Krick is the dominant of the two and will target a specific player which Ick will proceed to attack. Said player should immediately run away and kite the boss. This is the perfect time for other players of the group to attack. When a target is presented to Ick, his attack power increases so be careful not to get caught. The skill you need to watch out for from this boss is its Poison Nova, an AoE skill that can deal up to 30k damage on heroic. This will be followed by a DoT with an 18 yard range and a 5 second cast time so run away if you see him casting. The final attack would be Krick’s summoning of mines that explode after a few seconds so it will be best to keep moving. This attack lasts for about 18 seconds. Krick and Ick is pretty easy to defeat, just remember to keep moving and to not stand at the green toxic areas on the floor that they’ve created.

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