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From the rich diversity of Kalimdor to the swampy wastelands of the Eastern Kingdoms. The icy tundra of Northrend and the mystery that surrounds Pandaria, the continents of World of Warcraft never cease to amaze. World of Warcraft boasts five continents to explore with a WoW account, along with two realms that come with the expansions. The five continents are Kalimdor, the Eastern Kingdoms, Northrend, and Pandaria. The two other realms are called Outland, and Draenor (which is an alternate version of Outland before it was destroyed). With five continents (plus two worlds), exploration is a key feature of WoW.

With different continents come different environments, and with different environments come different creatures to fight. There are the typical oozes and similar creatures, beasts like wolves or bears, demons, dragonkin, humanoids, mechanical creatures, hordes of the undead, elementals, and giants. Then, there are the high leveled players, which are a monster class of their own. With these creatures about, one must take care in their travels on any continent.

Make a WoW Account Today!

Exploring these locations is a daunting task anyone can attempt. Just hop onto the WoW website and then click the ‘Try for Free’ button. However, to do so safely, you need to have a strong character in your WoW account. To do that, you need to spend a lot of time leveling your character up, collecting items and gathering equipment. Which is true for most MMOs anyway. Although some are able to bypass this by buying WoW accounts for sale.

There are many sites that say they sell accounts or items or gold (or whatever in-game currency). Just bear in mind that some of these sites could steal your credit card number or identity. So be careful of where you shop!

Whether you make a WoW account through legal means or not, I hope you enjoy your exploration of Azeroth. Enjoy your game and safe travels!

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