Earning MASSIVE WoW Gold Through Raid Carries

There are a few ways to farm for WoW gold in World of Warcraft, though some may be more tedious than others. Unlike the earlier days of WoW where you could thrive from simply doing dailies, these days, you’ve got to have some auction house savvy, an amazing raid team, or a lot of damned patience to be able to farm a whole lot of WoW gold at the shortest possible time. There’s also the option to buy WoW gold, but, yeah, that’s pretty much a last resort for the truly gold-starved.

WoW Gold: Raiding Like a Boss

Perhaps the biggest and best way I’ve ever made WoW gold was due to me and my guild’s capability of carrying, at most, two to three people in certain current raids. Starting back in Pandaria, we started selling Heroic and Mythic Garrosh kills to folks that wanted them. We made an average of 250k gold per person we ran and we’ve ran a total of about 70+ carries during the time, and with 2-3 people carried per run, that’s a grand total of 750k per freaking run. We made such a stupid amount of gold that we were able to fund anything wanted when Warlords of Draenor finally dropped.

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How was it that we were able to do this? Well, first of all, you need an ample amount of capital in the first place. The black market auction house, when it started selling updated, usable gear in MoP, was something we frequented in. We bought a lot of gear right off the bat so we’d get into raiding form the fastest way possible. We certainly weren’t World Firsters, but we did clear off a lot of raids really quick in the beginning. Eventually, we all got so used to the mechanics and were so decked out already that we started undermanning them, inspired by the multiple people already 5-manning Heroic Garrosh.

WoW Gold: Crazy Scheduling

Then, there, the whole idea of selling carries started around the same time we thought of it. This is easily the most lucrative, and possibly most effortless, method of farming a whole lot of gold. The only drawback to this is that you do need a dedicated guild that can run these carries on primetime. It was a difficulty for us initially because some of our best DPS lived in Asia. It took quite a while for us to make amiable schedule for these carries. Another downside, as I already mentioned, you already have to have enough gold to be able to fund your gear to get into raiding form as soon as possible. This is also much more effective if the raid tier is still pretty young so that you can get ahead and get used to the raids before anybody else does. The carrying business gets pretty thin late into the tier and only picks up when a new tier or expansion is about to come in due to those latecomers that want the exclusive boss mount drop, title, and achievement. To this day, my guild and I did it for Highmaul, Blackrock Foundry, and Hellfire Citadel at the same rates and have just continuously gotten richer.

If you do have the basic requirements of a dedicated team, decent capital, and an unfaltering raid schedule, this might be a good time to bone up on your classes and prepare for when Legion drops. A new expansion and new raid tier is the best time to start up your own carrying business for a shit ton of WoW gold.

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