Dungeon run to get wow gold and rares? Do it the TANK way! (Part 2)

Leadership is the tank’s job… by doing the right thing… leading your team to dungeon run success… sure is wow gold rewarding and with respect…

Being a Tank is a tough job! But the reward is both respect and wow gold

In dungeon runs, Tanks have their hands full of monsters they pull to protect the team and to buy the damager’s time for them to kill them so looting items and wow gold is impossible for them. Tactics and Coordination is the next job of the tanker aside from pulling the mobs.



Tanks are the one to travel first to gates, doors and checking the parameters as your team’s safety is on your shoulder. To secure your wow gold success on your dungeon run, make sure that your DPS and healer are in your sight. NEVER PULL TOO MANY MOBS that you or your healer can’t handle, remember you still need to have a MB or MANA BREAK.



Since Tank is the “appointed” leader of the group, be sure not to be rude or bias to your mates. Be sure to look for a member that can follow your leads and not a greedy for wow gold person. But hold your temper as it may affect your “leadership” to your success…


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