Discounted mount and pets can be purchased in-game. Wish we can buy it with wow gold too!


Discounted pets and mount price not convertible to wow gold

Just like any other MMO game, Blizzard finally had their shop implemented in-game but still keeping their web-based one. Item that are being sell in the web-based will be seen in the shop in-game; pets, mounts consumables, discounted and featured. The items can be bought with XTS (the in-game shop currency), world of Warcraft may require each player to have their account loaded “credit” or a “prepaid” just like other games for them to buy to the shop. Items listed will NOT be converted to wow gold or cannot be bough with wow gold.

The half-off holiday gift is the holiday sale world of Warcraft event that will last till January 1, 2014 at 11:59 p.m. PST.  These items on sale can only be bought with real money and not wow gold.


Know your skills… talents… glyphs… rotations… priorities… that you’ll be wow gold spending on

Knowing your talents should be your first thing to check on before spending on wow gold on them. You should know which one is for PvE and which is for PvP.


Skill is the ability of your character to perform certain actions such as casting spells and being bought with wow gold.

Talent is an additional ability/power for your character that requires talent points to level up or improve.

Glyphs are spells and ability enhancement that can be attain from scribes.

While Rotations refers to the sequel or the order of your skills that is usable whenever it’s on “cool down”.


This grouping of spells can be for PvE or Pvp. Knowing this information may help you know your priorities and avoid wasting on skills/spells that you don’t really need.

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