Debate on Warlord of Draenor expansion pack according to wow gold benefit

World of Warcraft: Warlords of Draenor is the anticipated expansion pack this year 2014. Due to the new and possible yearly expansion release that has been disclosed by blizzard, the price of the said expansion is being debated by the wow players according to its wow gold beneficial.



Wow gold benefits of the upcoming Warlord of Draenor

In the upcoming months, warlord of draenor expansion is said to be released. However, the pricing of the expansion is not yet being revealed by blizzard. Debate on the said expansion price is being compared to the wow gold benefits and other game content of the game. Below are the listed updates for the upcoming expansion pack.


New World: Draenor

Build and upgrade your Garrison

New Character Model

Level Cap raised to 100

New dungeons and raids

New monsters

New world pvp zone

New items and rewards

Hundreds of new quests

Boost to 90 and play immediately

Check list for choosing a realm to have a better wow gold experience

There are tons of realms out there but having a really good wow gold economy realm is better since there will be no problem for you, especially when using the player auctions house.


– High population servers have more wow items in player Auction House

– You will be able to encounter a lot of people (make friends maybe)

– when you buy/sell something in Auction there is a possibility that you’ll be able to find the wow items you need or get your wow items to be sold for a really good wow gold price

– There are certain high level characters who gives away wow gold for free to NEWBIES


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