Buy WoW Gold or WoW Token?

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Since Blizzard itself has gotten into the gold trading business, a lot of other 3rd party WoW gold sellers have definitely been losing a lot of revenue. Frankly, this is great as it ensures that folks get what they want without breaking WoW’s Terms of Service.

The price of the WoW token may have been getting higher and higher with Legion still going strong to this day, but WoW gold in general grows in parallel. Due to the continuously rising popularity of WoW, everything’s been getting more and more expensive with each passing day. Adding to that fact is that the WoW token can actually be use now to purchase skins and the like in the even more popular Overwatch, Blizzard’s newest IP. C’thun knows how huge the Overwatch craze is right now and so many concurrent WoW players to it have spent all their gold for Overwatch goodies.

WoW Gold: Blizzard or Third Party?

A while back, it was actually enough to run old raids on 2-3 characters and you’d have enough gold for a token for the next month. These days, that is but a fraction of all the gold you actually need. While you may be willing to spend some cash for your sub or Overwatch stuff, you’d most likely still want the biggest bang for your buck. Naturally, being able to purchase tokens in WoW to feed your addiction just for gold is the most ideal situation. However, you may find yourself forced to spend some real bank but would rather a cheaper deal. 3rd party sellers can no longer keep up with the demand and how cheap Blizzard actually supplies its gold-to-cash ratio.

There are only a couple of places that are capable of selling really cheap WoW gold now and those are few and far in-between. Better do your research and be wise about where you spend your hard-earned cash from here on out.

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