A Pet for Charity: WoW Gold Hunters’ Collectible this December!

If you’re interested in helping charity, World of Warcraft has an interesting offer for WoW gold hunters who want to lend a hand. This month, just like the years before, a new battle pet will be revealed which will serve as an act of charity. Find out more in the article below!

wow gold brightpaw

Spreading Love this December with WoW Gold Hunters

Blizzard really loves to give love charity! At least once a year, the company releases a battle pet or other item whose proceeds go towards one charitable foundation or another. The same goes with this year, in the form of a new battle pet! If you are looking to add a battle pet to your collection and get the wonderful feeling donating to a good cause gives you then you may want to consider adopting Brightpaw when you buy WoW gold.

Brightpaw for WoW Gold Hunters

This adorable purple cat can be purchased for slightly cheap WoW gold worth $10 via the Battle.net Shop starting today. This amount should be nothing considering that every penny of the proceeds will go to the Make-A-Wish foundation! It may be purchased using any major credit card. Note that WoW gold hunters who purchase this pet will receive a code which may be redeemed on a single WoW account. Thus, players who have more than one WoW account bound to their Battle.net accounts must choose which account will receive this pet. Codes may also be purchased as gifts for other players.

Make-A-Wish Foundation for WoW Gold Hunters

For those not aware, the Make-A-Wish foundation is a charity that organizes special events for children with life-threatening conditions. This benefit will last through December 31st. Still not sold on purchasing Brightpaw? This arcane loving cat has a mixture of Beast and Magic attacks; making her a formidable opponent in any Pet Battle.

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