WoW Gold Journal: Screw the Critics and See Warcraft for Yourself!

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The Warcraft movie has been unleashed unto the world and it seems that it’s been getting a mixed reception. Well, mixed reception from movie¬†critics. Actually, a lot of reviews are incredibly unfavorable for the IP’s first foray onto the big screen and it’s been casting doubt on some people that haven’t seen it for themselves. WoW Gold:¬†Criticism Bias But remember […]

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WoW Mounts: The Friendship Moose Initiative

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#FriendshipMoose is a Twitter-community driven initiative to get people geared up to take down Heroic Archimonde in order to obtain the Grove Warden mount. There is no item level requirement to partake in #FriendshipMoose, you just have to be level 100 and the right faction. If you are interested in being a carrier for any of the groups, get ahold […]

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