WoW Pets from Garrison Buildings Guide Part 2

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Continued from WoW Pets Guide Part 1 Trading Post Sky Fry: Alliance players may obtain this WoW pets after building the  Level 2 Trading Post. The Sky Fry costs 2k Apexis Crystals and 1k gold. The Level 2 Trading Post gives access to the Sha’tari Defense Quartermaster Maaria and enables you to start earning the Sha’tari Defense reputation. Obtaining the level 2 […]

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1 Silver to 1 Million WoW Gold Challenge – WOD 6.2.3

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Patience is the name of the game and it’s always the first one stretched out when farming for WoW gold or pretty much any other kind of in-game currency. Umren, going under the Youtube tag of UmrenTV, is a long time WoW player and avid Twitch streamer that streams, well, WoW. Lately, he’s undergone one of the more insane activities WoW […]

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The WeakAuras WoW Gold Scam is Baaack!

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While I’ve never played through it, there was once a WoW gold scam involving the ever popular WeakAuras mod for World of Warcraft. If you’re not familiar with it, WeakAuras (WA) keeps track of buffs and debuffs applied by you, your teammates, opponents, and any other sources with a nifty integration to the interface. This becomes integral for almost every […]

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